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A French national Cryobank was created in 1999 in order to cryopreserve biological material coming from livestock animals. 


The main goal is to have within the Cryobank representative samples of the genetic diversity of all the French livestock breeds or populations.


What are you going to find on this web site ? 


  • To have an inventory of the collections of the French national Cryobank, click on the link "Statistics". On this subsite, you will find an inventory of the collections by species, breeds, depositor or nature of biological material.

  • To have more precise informations on the donors whose biological material is stored in the Cryobank, click on the link "Donors list". A search screen will help to refine your selection criteria.

For more information on the national Cryobank and more specifically to find the last references published on this organization,:

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